Frequently Asked Questions

Will pets & children be able to stay in the home during service?

Yes! Our quarterly products are safe for children and pets to stay in the home during service. We do ask that the treatment be given plenty of time to dry before any person or pet come in contact with the treated service. We take extra precaution around pets like birds, fish, reptiles, etc.

Do i need to be present during my service appointment?

You are expected to be present for your initial inspection. When you take advantage of our quarterly service plan, you will not need to be present as our services are performed from the exterior.

Locked gates would need to be left unlocked for access.

What if I have pest issues between my quarterly appointments?

If you are seeing more than the occasional pest, please schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience for no additional costs.

What are the benefits of recurring pest control treatments?

Recurring treatments help you maintain a barrier of defense ultimately preventing infestations from ever happening.